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Michael Moskowitz - President and CEO MyCarPage

Michael Moskowitz - President and CEO MyCarPage

Michael Moskowitz is President and CEO of MyCarPage, a leading provider of customer acquisition and retention services for the automotive industry. A marketing pioneer, Michael developed several of the first consumer software and online marketing promotions for companies including Sony Electronics, McDonalds, Phillip Morris, Mazda and General Motors.

Founded by Michael in 1994 as a full service computer software development and marketing firm (formerly known as Everyware). Everyware developed the first vehicle owner’s manual designed for use by consumers on their home computer. Automobile manufacturers including General Motors and Mazda distributed Everyware's software to new vehicle buyers and service customers to promote customer loyalty.

Everyware's software applications and automotive experience evolved into, the automotive industry's first integrated web-based customer management and e-commerce solution.

Over the years, MyCarPage’s vehicle garage has become the industry standard for automotive businesses to improve customer loyalty while enhancing the consumer’s vehicle ownership experience.

Prior to founding Everyware, Mr. Moskowitz was a business and tax consultant. In addition, Mr. Moskowitz previously was Director of Business Operations for Bockman Advertising Company and a Senior Tax Consultant with Deloitte & Touche and Price Waterhouse. Mr. Moskowitz was a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and holds a Masters degree in taxation from Bentley College (Waltham MA) and BS in Business and Accounting from the University of Colorado (Boulder).

Michael enjoys many sports including basketball, mountain biking, skiing and golf. An avid traveler, Michael is involved in many philanthropic endeavors including serving on the board of the Boys & Girls Club of Venice, CA, and working with Cedars-Sinai Hospital and Wilshire Blvd. Temple Youth Programs.