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Mark Rikess - President The Rikess Group

Mark Rikess - President The Rikess Group

Mark Rikess’ career as a successful entrepreneur, consultant, researcher, and thought leader in the automotive industry has been the result of his lifelong passion for innovative thinking and applied performance technologies.

Beginning as a second-generation automotive dealer, Mark began with an early focus on performance improvement and implementation of results management processes in the dealership-operating environment. As a result, he was soon providing management-consulting services to dealers, suppliers, and manufacturers, founding The Rikess Group in 1989.

Since that time Mark has become a highly-regarded expert on progressive retail practices and has been involved in major retail performance initiatives for Honda/Acura, Infiniti/Nissan, Ford Motor Company, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Mazda and General Motors, among others. He has also developed significant relationships with companies such as AutoNation,, and Kelley Blue Book. Mark is a frequent speaker at major industry conferences, including those of J.D. Power and Associates and various state and local dealer meetings.

Mark and his consulting and training organization have long been dedicated to the belief that retail automotive operations are only as good as the internal processes that are in place to support the dealership’s planned sales strategy. He believes that well-designed processes should link individual performance to the dealership’s organizational performance and will in turn link dealership profit centers to outstanding results.

For many years, Mark has carefully studied and documented the best practices of the most profitable automotive retail organizations in the nation. The result has seen Mark’s consulting organization involved in numerous performance initiatives requiring process change and operational blueprints for results management. He has been the leader of the Executive Summit, a conference series he hosted from 1995 - 2000. The Summits have -over the years- brought together many of the industry’s leading experts for information sharing and debate on critical performance issues. Mark is a frequent contributor to Ward’s Dealer Business magazine and other industry periodicals. He has been widely quoted in USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Business Week and the New York Times.

Mark Rikess is a graduate of Arizona State University with a degree in Business Administration and is a resident of Los Angeles, California.