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July 15, 2008

Moms on the Road: From D.C. to Cali

What do you get when you cross tech-savvy moms with a road trip? You get a play-by-play like you’ve never seen before. As we mentioned, BlogHer is coming up. Some moms from the Silicon Valley Moms Group decided to drive, starting in D.C. and picking up other moms on the way to San Francisco for BlogHer.

And then they asked for sponsors. GM stepped up and provided a Chevy Tahoe Hybrid for the trip. They have GPS, cameras, mp3 players, broadband cards, and lots of chutzpah.

It’s going to be a crazy, wild ride and it looks like they are already having a blast. If you’re not following their journey, you should. And once they get to BlogHer, you can sign up for BlogHer in Second Life (of which Ask Patty is a sponsor) and get in on some of the other fun, too.

What can these moms do to be safe on the road?

Take lots of breaks, get out and stretch so you don’t get tired. While the blogging, video, and the rest are fun, make sure you don’t distract your driver! Remember to wear a headset while you’re using your cell phone in the car. Obey all speed limits and posted signs. With all of that technology aboard, we’re sure they’ll have no trouble getting help if they need it.

GM offered vehicles to other BlogHer attendees who wanted to carpool. I’m wishing I had found some ladies in San Diego and Los Angeles to make the drive with me, especially since I am traveling with the baby. GM has done a lot of blogger and social media outreach and we’re looking forward to what they plan to do next!

You can find out more about the trip, including the cities they’ll be stopping in, and other details on their blog. We’ll be watching. And we hope you will, too!

Don't forget that I'll be representing Ask Patty at BlogHer and will have some great car care guides to give away!

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