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February 26, 2008

My Son Learns to Drive ...Again!

Jj_3707 My son is taking driver's training lessons right now. This would not be anything exciting for most mother's however, my son is thirty-five, got his driver's license when he was 16, had a car accident in 2005 which resulted in paraplegia and is learning to drive again with hand controls! I am so excited, worried and proud of his desire to get right back into life and have his freedom back and participate in life more fully.

This no easy feat believe me . I was asked to park a car for a friend who drives with hand controls and got in and much to my chagrin had no idea how to operate a car with hand controls, the joke was really on me that day; car girl cannot drive car due to hand controls installed! LOL

He is also shopping for a new vehicle and is looking over all the manufactures mobilility programs that help hand or other special need control drivers off-set the high costs of driving customized vehicles  that enable the freedom of driving. Talk about primp my ride and aftermarket accessories that are expensive , whoa! Check some of them out here.

Joeboarder My son made a New Year's Resolution is to do the "3 S's" this year: Surf, Scuba and Ski in 2008. He went skiing last week and had a blast, although I was nervous at the prospect, he had help from a program designed for this type of ski experience and as a former avid snowboarder he took to it in no time! Woo Hoo!  This photo really made me smile!

The work I do with and Motorability Island in Second Life is all about providing a better quality of life and life enriching experiences for persons with spinal cord injuries or diseases. My reward is watching my own son begin to enjoy a more fun, interesting and exciting life.  Maybe too exciting for mom here  but he was always an A-Type into bungee jumping ( yikees) , white water boating and all those edgy sports and activities and that will never change. 

Orientation Check out our place in Second Life on Motorability Island and experience a virtual test drives of car culture and other fun activities you or a loved one may want to try in real life, come on it will be fun!

Motorability Island in SecondLife is a vast, 7 sim complex designed specifically to promote United Spinal Association in SL, via the Education Center and other builds dotted around the Island. We, along with the United Spinal Motorsports Program are complete petrolheads, so you'll also find loads of really cool stuff to do with a car around here too. We've got 2 full oval circuits, a full inter-sim road system, car themed nightclub with live DJs, go-kart racing, car dealerships, scooter shack and the rather cool center too, which offers automotive advice for women, from some of the top women in the US automotive industry. There are also several other exciting builds planned, such as an education center for wannabe SecondLife vehicle designers, a drag strip and a drift track.

Visit us in Second Life here  SLURL to location.

Jodyandpatty Jody DeVere

Visit us at


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