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February 28, 2008

Ridemakerz - Customized Cars for Your Kids

Foosedodge Do you have a car crazy kid in your household? Then you’ll want to check out Ridemakerz, the home of custom-made “ridez.” If you’re familiar with Build-a-Bear, then you’ll get the concept of Ridemakerz. Pick out a body, add some custom paint, wheels, and accessories and you’ve got a made-to-order ride.

If you live in the east near a Ridemakerz location, you can take your car lover to the shop and build a custom ride right there. You can even throw a party where all the kids can make their own. Not near one? Choose a car or truck online, add the features and paint you like, and have it shipped out! Basic models start at $12 and go up from there. Don't forget the pre-made "Cruize Ready Ridez." The Chip Foose limited edition model pictured goes for $35.

Or if you’d like a virtual ride, you can create your own customized cruiser on their web site. My husband drives a Dodge, so I tricked out a Ram. The excessive use of “z” for “s” (ridez, chooze, etc.) pains the English major in me, but don’t let that stop you from dropping by. Their site is easy to use and a lot of fun. They even have a “Riderz Ed” section that has some interesting car history.

If you have one of these great “ridez” let us know in the comments. Or if you have a full-size customized vehicle, we’d love to see some pics!

Becky_headshot By Becky Scott
Contributing Editor

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