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January 30, 2008

Super Bowl and Moms and Car Ads

Playoffs Super Bowl is approaching and I’m disappointed that my Chargers won’t be playing. But that won’t stop me from watching the game. And many other moms will be joining me, too. A new survey indicates that up to 80% of moms will watch the Super Bowl and 60% will watch just for the commercials. I’m one of those. But like 76% of the survey respondents, I don’t think Super Bowl ads are targeting moms.

Moms control a large part of family purchases: food, clothing, and cars. And marketers are getting the picture. They’re contacting the A-list mom bloggers and organizations like BlogHer. But what about the advertisers during the Super Bowl? They’re still looking at the male fans, forgetting that moms not only purchase supplies for the Super Bowl parties, but usually purchase a majority of the products featured in the game’s ads.

Note: GM and Cadillac are NFL Super Bowl XLII sponsors

Football So what do moms want to see? Humor they can relate to, something that acknowledges a mom’s multitasking, and families interacting together. Marketers, moms will be watching game with their children and 44% think that the ads are not exactly kid-friendly.

“Even when products are geared specifically for men, marketers should keep in mind that it’s often the women in their lives that are actually picking the product and buying it,” said Teri Lucie Thompson, a board member at Marketing to Moms Coalition, which fielded the study.

Auto makers and dealerships are slowly getting the picture, marketing to families instead of just the men. So why aren’t Super Bowl marketers realizing that their audience is larger than just single men from ages 18-35? If they want their $2.7 million, 30-second ad spot to be more effective, they’d better get on the ball. And soon.

Source: Brandweek

Photos: players photo © lolagoetz, used with permission; creative commons football photo courtesy ElvertBarnes.

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