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January 31, 2008

A Million Inches of Hair for Women with Cancer

Bl_preferred_logo_2 I love long hair. I’ve had hair almost to my waist several times in my life. And I love to feel it blowing in the wind when I’m in a convertible. Once, on the way home from L.A., I let my hair blow out of the truck window while my husband drove the scenic route on the 101 all the way back to San Diego. It took two hours to comb the snarls out of my hair, but I still enjoyed it.

Pantene2 But some women aren’t that lucky, having lost their hair to chemo treatments. Pantene has teamed up with Oscar winner Hilary Swank to collect ponytails to make free wigs for women with cancer. To date, the Beautiful Lengths campaign has collected over 24,000 ponytails and distributed over 2,000 wigs through the American Cancer Society.

Last year, an event in Mississippi garnered over 1400 pledges and set a Guinness world record for the most donated hair to a charity within 24 hours. And a school in New Hampshire had a pep rally where students and staff cut their hair.

Pantene3 You can get involved in several ways: donate healthy hair at least 8 inches long (see site for more details about the types of hair that will be accepted); spread the word to friends and family; or buy Pantene products, a portion of which will go to create free wigs.

As many as one in three women will be affected by some form of cancer in her lifetime. Unfortunately, human hair wigs can be difficult to find and extremely expensive. So if you’re planning to cut your long hair, why not donate it to a good cause? Another woman somewhere will be glad you did.

Becky_headshot By Becky Scott
Contributing Editor

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