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October 08, 2007

My Romance with Classic Cars

57 I am a child of the 50's who grew up in the San Fernando Valley where car clubs, drive in movies and cruise night were the staples for teen activities on the weekends. Reminiscing over the cars in my youth fills me with nostalgia about some great and not so great " car" moments.

1960 - Dad drives a '56 Chevy Bel Air and seated next to him on the front seat I decide to open the door as we pull down our street, I held onto the door handle for dear life and scraped myself up pretty bad with asphalt burns. This was before seat belts and seat belt laws and of course I never tried that move again! Dad was understandably furious with me and insisted from then on I sit right next to him and not near the passenger door.

1963/1964 -My older sisters each buy their first car a Ford Falcon and a Chevy Impala, they seemed so cool and grown-up. They started taking me to the drive-in movies on Friday and Saturday nights, with their dates. Guess Mom and Dad insisted to keep them from steaming up the windows with their boy friends! Bet they hated taking the kid sister along BUT I loved it!

1965 - Dad buys a family station wagon another Chevy, it actually did have seat belts, but nobody used them. Long scenic drives, camping trips and trips to the beach... so many fond memories with my family at play in our station wagon.

1971 - Dad buys a Corvair to save on gas driving to and from work, even back then Dad was thinking fuel economy. This car reminded me of the cars of tomorrow at Disneyland, small and easy to driver, and I did some practice driving in it before I got my driver's license.

Cimg0399 1972 - Present Boys, crushes and the cars I knew them by: '57 Chevy, '67 Mustang GT, 49' Packard, '67 Red Corvette, '65 Ford Fairlane, '70 Chrysler 300 convertible. Cruise nights on Van Nuys Blvd was a parade of the best and finest of the cars and the better the car the more popular the boy! The excitement and fun of cruising on Friday and Saturday night makes me sigh, I sure miss those magical times.

1978 - My first brand new car - A VW Beetle - Bright Orange and all mine with car payments and all. I was definitely on a budget in those days and the VW was priced right and served me well for several years.

From here on the parade of new cars I owned begins but those classic cars I loved growing up will always be the most memorable for me. I love going to classic car shows just to walk around, sit in them and think about all those good "car" times growing up and hopefully plenty more to come!

Please leave me a comment with your classic car love story.
Jody DeVere

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