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August 31, 2007

Graco Car Seat Recalled for Faulty Anchor Belt

Comfortsport Who hasn’t heard about all of the toy recalls in the news recently? It’s a wonder that anything is safe for our kids. But here’s something different: a car seat manufacturer that lists a safety alert before any injuries are reported. Imagine that - finding out there’s something wrong with a product and getting the word out so we can protect our kids!

Graco, a car seat manufacturer, released a safety alert for customers who use their ComfortSport seat in a rear-facing position.

The lower anchor belt, used with your car’s LATCH system, may be misrouted. It could allow the seat back to exceed 70 degrees in a frontal crash, causing injury, according to Graco’s press release.

If you bought a ComfortSport convertible car seat made in Ohio between January 2 and July 31, you can download instructions to reroute the lower belt. Don’t use the seat in a rear-facing position until you’ve corrected the belt. In the meantime, you can use the seat with your car’s seat belts.

Model numbers and instructions on finding the manufacture date can be found on Graco’s safety notification page.

If you’d like to check out other Graco recalls, see their Recalls and Safety Notifications page. And for a more comprehensive list of car seat recalls, see Seat Belt Safety USA.

Maybe, in time, more manufacturers will look for and find problems before our children are injured. Better yet, we’d like to see more quality controls before products are released to the market. Yes, we moms like to dream sometimes.

Source: USA Today and Graco


By Becky Scott
Contributing Editor


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