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August 21, 2007

Customer First Podcast - Women and Cars - Voices in Business

Copy_of_jody_devere_v71_2 I was thrilled to do a podcast with Greg Grimer of Voices in Business recently about, Inc., our efforts in Second Life and how we empower and improve the automotive experiences between women and automotive retailers from the customer service angle.

Greg has an automotive background and asked some great questions about how to avoid being taken advantage of on car repairs.

Episode Two of The Customer First Podcast, from Voices in Business.

Greg Grimer speaks with Jody DeVere, President of

What happens when an entire industry gets customer service wrong for half of its customers?  They create an opportunity for another business to come along and provide that customer service.  Ask is just such an innovative business, guiding women who are making as well as influencing decisions on car purchase, car financing and car maintenance.

This could well be the shape of things to come, so other industries that are not serving your customers right, watch out! 

Listen Now:

icon for podpress  CF002 - JodyDeVere, [27:08m]: Hide Player | Play in Popup | Download

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