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July 11, 2007

GM Takes the Cake with 23 Vehicles with 30+ MPG

Aafeventogmhrllab071 I was pleasantly surprised to learn that GM already makes 23 rather popular vehicles that get 30+ MPG. When presented with this new data I wondered why I did not know this, I should know this! Perhaps GM is just now getting these aggregated facts out to consumers. 

The 23 vehicles that get 30 MPG+ do not include their line up of Hybrid or Flex Fuel vehicles, so there are even more choices for consumers who want to save on fuel costs and help keep it green.

As a woman I am much more interested in these facts than horsepower or torque... perhaps GM needs to focus on marketing these facts to women so we will ALL know these vehicles choices they have to save on fuel costs and make the planet a bit greener. We women are the best word of mouth marketers so why aren't they shouting it from the rooftops of their executive buildings? Maybe they haven't realized that women are truly the best marketers of products (you know you tell your friends about a great new product when you find one!) and GM could truly benefit from sharing this information.


by Jody DeVere

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