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May 23, 2007

Would You Work at a Car Dealership?


Women are the MAJORITY new car buyer in today's competitive auto buyer's market and it would certainly help women have a better experience with car dealers if there was more female staff , influence and leadership from women at dealerships to give the woman car buyer the experience she wants.

There is a shortage of women applying for the more than 100,000 job openings for automotive career opportunities, which are not limited to just working under the hood. A variety of positions and career paths are available within the industry, and women are becoming more and more involved and visible in these opportunities.

Women who visit us at continue to express they feel uncomfortable with the car buying experience and 77% of women  recently surveyed by Capital One Auto will  bring along a man to feel more comfortable.

For car dealerships to attract more women, they need to establish and enforce best practice HR policy, provide a female friendly culture, environment and policies that will make these job opportunities more attractive.

Long grueling hours and schedules are  an issue for women working in dealerships who have families and children.  Smart dealerships can provide flex schedules and day care support programs to attract these highly qualified women to apply and retain them. It should not "take a special kind of women" to handle working at a car dealership, in my opinion.

Except Dealer Magazine May 22, 2007:

Survey522_2 Dealer Survey: Sales teams are still the domain of men

It’s hardly surprising to learn that car dealership sales teams remain mostly the domain of men, but what did catch our eye about the results of last week’s informal Web poll is this: 68 percent of respondents say women make up less than 5 percent of their store’s sales teams. That’s up from 59 percent in a similar survey last year.

Meanwhile, just 10 percent say women represent more than 10 percent of the sales team, a decline from the previous poll. Another 36 percent tell us hiring women is a priority this year (vs. 39 percent in the previous poll) and  18 percent say it’s something they are considering.

Many dealers tell us they see value in fielding diverse sales teams, and while the two polls cannot be directly compared because they represent different pools of respondents, it is apparent that some stores still have work to do.

Editor's note: Our informal Web polls should be viewed as a sampling, not a summary, of reader opinion at the time of publication.

Nearly 109,000 career jobs are available at U.S. auto dealerships, according to a new study by Automotive Retailing Today (ART).

Sales and Service Jobs in Greatest Demand
According to ART's study, current vacancies by job function include:

-- Sales: 45,698 vacancies (Est. Salary Range for Sales Positions $31,000-$118,000)

-- Service: 36,456 vacancies (Est. Salary Range for Service Positions $28,000-$96,000)

-- Collision Repair: 7,695 vacancies (Est. Salary Range for Collision Positions $31,000-$64,000)

-- Parts: 6,491 vacancies (Est. Salary Range for Parts Positions $22,000-$63,000)

-- Dealership Administration: 5,159 vacancies (Est. Salary Range for Administration Positions $21,000-$163,00)

-- Other (porters, car washers, detailers, etc): 7,315 vacancies (Est. Salary Range for Other Positions $21,000-$33,000)

Details of the 2007 jobs survey, estimated salary ranges (NADA), benefits, and the 2006 attitudes & perceptions survey are available at:

The study, conducted by Harris Interactive(R), March 28 -- April 12, 2007, surveyed 742 franchised new car dealers in the U.S. about the estimated number of vacant positions in their dealerships(1).

I would love to hear women's thoughts on working in the car business by adding your comments to this post so we can do a follow up article with your comments or send your thoughts or story to me at

Our female friendly certified dealer network is looking to hire women! Send your resume to and we will forward it to the appropriate dealership in your area.

Jodydevere Jody DeVere
President, Inc.

Jody DeVere is currently the President of the Woman's Automotive Association International , the premier women's organization for women automotive professionals, a member of the Car Care Council Women's Board , a member of the California State Advisory Board for SkillsUSA, Chairperson of the United Spinal Motor Sports Committee, and a member of the SEMA Businesswomen's Networking Association .

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