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May 10, 2007

Rallye des Princesses 2007: A Classic Rally for Women!

Classic_rallies_for_women Reprinted from
We recently added a
Rallye des Princesses 2006 pictures gallery. Because motor sports are not just for men and choosing to act rather than watch, women cut loose for a fine sporting escape of 5 days from Paris to Cannes: the Rallye des Princesses 2007.

Viviane Zaniroli, the classic rally organizer, told us “I wanted women who participate in this challenge, most of them active, independent and professional, to be able to forget she worries of their everyday routine for a week, and to live fully this playful and sporting interlude, which is often an experience of self-revelation that they will be proud of.”

Today the Princess’ Rally is one of the best events in the discipline. The Princess Rally is the only women’s regularity rally under the aegis of the FFSA (Fédération Française de Sport automobile) aboard vintage cars from pre-war to 1974. Two team categories: 100% women, or “mixed” (female drivers + male co-pilots). A 1,700 km course, including 450 km of regularity sections. 5 daily stages of 320 to 380 km and 2 circuits. The concept of regularity is simple. It is not a question of speed. In a regularity event, competitors must stick as closely as possible to a specified average speed from the start to finish of any Regularity Section (called RS). The starting point of the Regularity Section is given, but the finish is either unknown or situated within a range of kilometres, indicated by the commissioner in charge of the start of the RS as well as in the road book.

Because motor sports are not just for men and choosing to act rather than watch, women cut loose for a fine sporting escapade of 5 days from Paris to Monaco. The 2006 edition masterfully confirms the technical and sporting quality evolution, accentuated by a fantastic atmosphere and the attendance of numerous foreign competitors there to spice things up. The 7th Princess’ Rally stands out now as the best -by far- and enthusiasm for the event indicates an even more intense 2007 experience!

So what exactly is the Princess’ Rally?
The Princess’ Rally is a genuine sporting event, inscribed in the FFSA calendar, put together by experts in automobile sports and events organization. It has become unique among rallies for the difficulty of its course, worthy of top rally drivers, and for the degree of consideration shown to competitors, unusual in this kind of rally. For instance, each competitor in 2006 left with over €800 worth of gifts. Rallye des princesses 2007

Meanwhile, don’t pay any attention to the rumors.The rally is not snobbish, which is hardly the style of organizers Viviane and Patrick Zaniroli.You don’t have to be a princess, have blue blood, be a jet-setter or even have a huge bank account to join in the fun. Competitors come from all walks of life, they own or rent their vehicles, and from company president to school nurse, they have only one goal: to fully enjoy themselves. Even if the business executive may have a Ferrari and the office secretary a Fiat 850, they will share the same laughter and the same desire to succeed in the race.

At last, an event specifically designed for women. A competition sportingly identical to those so prized by men.

Undeniably, women enjoy driving more and more. The Princess’ Rally is designed for the many women who have a passion for cars. This event designed for women, many of whom have never driven a classic car, was thought up by a warm-hearted, high-spirited woman, Viviane Zaniroli, married with two children. That is why the event blends all the ingredients that any woman would want to find in such an adventure: challenge, sportsmanship, friendship, conviviality, tolerance and respect for other people, sprinkled with lots of little considerate details, of the kind we so appreciate but often miss in everyday life.

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