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January 09, 2007

Ask Patty Blog Carnival Week Around the Detroit Auto Show: January 9th

We want to interrupt our regularly scheduled Carnival to bring you an exclusive North American International Auto Show carnival. We scoped and scanned the Detroit Auto Show floor to bring you the best of what was out there, from little commuter cars to large SUVs. Sit back and relax for the ride!

Ponitacg6gp Pontiac G6 GP
Pontiac has plans to race in the Grand American Sports Car Series and this is the vehicle they plan to use. Of course it will have more bells and whistles on it, as all race cars do, but if you get behind the wheel of this baby, you can say you are driving a car inspired by racing!

Chrysler_nassau Chrysler Nassau
The Nassau design  is Chrysler’s newest offering as far as concepts go. It has an incredible white interior, that although looks sparkly and sharp, has us scratching our heads. What company would even consider making a sedan with such non-family friendly interior?

Jeeptrailhawk Jeep Trailhawk
Now this concept has us hankering for a hike! We love the powerful look to this SUV and we give a thumbs up to the open air possibility with the removable glass roof. It still looks like it guzzles gas, but fear not, Jeep plans to offer it with their Bluetec diesel engine.

Hyundai_veracruz Hyundai Veracruz
The Veracruz is Hyundai’s crossover offering for the midsize segment. It’s truly a premium vehicle and according to the buzz out there, it blows the Honda Pilot and the Toyota Highlander out of the water in terms of performance and safety. All that and it’s still positively sophisticated and can carry 7 adults.

Honda_accord_coupe Honda Accord Coupe
The new Accord coupe from Honda has a completely redesigned look and has some upgraded technologies as far as safety, fuel efficiency, and performance are concerned. We think it looks like a fun coupe with great style that doesn’t sacrifice Honda reliability and costs less than others out there.

Acura_advanced_sc Acura Advanced Sports Car
This is one crazy automobile! This will likely be the direction Acura will go for the successor to their ever-popular NSX, which they do not make anymore. Look how fun that looks! It looks like an exotic Italian sports car but it will definitely come without the price tag of one!

Audi_q7 Audi Q7 3.0 TDI
Don’t buy this car if you care about those polar bears. With 233 hp and 369 lb-ft of torque (that’s the oomph you get when you hit the gas), this baby won’t be winning any awards for being environmentally conscious. But it still looks snazzy!

Dodge_caravan Dodge Caravan
We know, what could possibly be fun about the Caravan? Well, for one, it’s starting to look more like an SUV than a van, but still keeps all the practicality. Gone are the wussy looking vans of the past! And this one comes with a TABLE in the back. No joke.

Mitsubishi_lancer Mitsubishi Lancer
The new Lancer has a more updated, refined look, leaving behind the boxy ugliness of years past. The Lancer Evo (the Lancer’s muscle-bearing cousin) is undergoing the face lift as well. It now looks like a car we’d drive, instead of one we’d buy for our gear head son.

Kia_kue_concept Kia Kue
Kia exposed their new concept crossover, the Kue. The name itself is adorable, and the design has a sleek look. It looks like Kia has grown up with this design. Don’t get your hopes up too much. Kia hasn’t said for certain whether they will offer a vehicle like this in stores.

Lexus_isf_1 Lexus IS-F
Lexus is always known for its luxurious styling and refined appearance. There IS models are also known for performance, and this one is no exception. We particularly love the bright blue paint this vehicle was debuted in, and the black and white option in the interior looks so posh and sporty. We can’t wait to test drive this one!

Mb_ocean_drive Mercedes-Benz Ocean Drive
We mentioned before that the Mercedes-Benz booth at the Detroit Auto Show was incredible… it had a full ice skating rink on it! They built this elaborate stage for their new concept, the Ocean Drive. The car was accompanied by a dog sled team, and both hockey and figure skaters.

Volvo_xc60 Volvo XC60
We love Volvo because of their reputation for safety, but we love them even more for coming out with a scaled-down version of their popular XC90 SUV. This XC60 is stylish and sporty and doesn’t look like a monster of an SUV. We love the transparent roof panel and the rear tailgate option.

Porsche_cayenne Porsche Cayenne
What gal doesn’t want a Porsche?! The Porsche’s answer to the soccer-mom ute is the Cayenne—hardly a typical SUV. With the option of upgrading to the Turbo version (and plopping down close to six figures), Porsche ups the ante in SUVs. But boy we wouldn’t complain if we got to drive one!

Cadillac_cts_1 Cadillac CTS
Read our full post here. The CTS is a new generation of refined and stylish Cadillacs. No longer a “man’s luxury car,” this sedan is comfy, cozy, and the designers paid attention to detail. If the stitching n the leather upholstery reminds you of an expensive Prada purse, that’s because the designers were inspired by the fashionable duds.

Jaguarcxf Jaguar C-FX
We can’t mention luxury models without calling attention to the Jaguar C-FX concept. The four-door sedan still somehow evokes a coupe styling and even the interior is hot to trot. There are carbon fiber features as well as real poplar wood trim, as well as aluminum to shine it up a bit.

Nissan_rogue Nissan Rogue
Nissan has popped out a new baby to add to the brood and this one will compete with other small SUV favorites like the CR-V and the Rav4. The price is expected to start at around 20k and going up from there. We’d like to see one of these manufacturers offer a model like this and keep it around 25k fully loaded. Maybe Nissan will be the first?

Toyota_fths_concept Toyota FT-HS

The Toyota FT-HS is as “concepty” as you can get. The original idea behind this vehicle was to come up with a mid-priced sports car that keeps the environment in mind. This car, believe it or not, is a hybrid. The projected 0 – 60mph time is at about four seconds. Who says you can’t save the polar bears and still have a cool car?

Ford_airstream Ford Airstream
We’re not sure if this one will catch on or not, but we like the cool retro concept! This concept vehicle gets power through a fuel-cell setup and has fun, pod-like chairs inside as well as nutty techie gadgets that allow the front passenger to post “mobile blogs,” according to Ford. Sounds like it’s perfect for Ask Patty!

Bmw_3series BMW 3Series
Who doesn’t like a convertible? Especially when it’s a BMW! The Bimmer’s 3Series will now be baring it all with it’s hardtop convertible. The coolest part: The interior is made of infrared-reflecting material that keeps the seats cool in the sun!

Smart_fortwo Smart Fortwo

Nothing—and I mean nothing—could be cuter than a Smart car. Don’t argue with us. The Smart Fortwo is aptly named and will make parking in congested cities much easier! We can’t wait to see it in 2008!

Hummer_h3 Hummer H3 Open Top
It seems like everyone wants a Wrangler these days, but just doesn’t want to deal with a true SUV. The evidence is in the demand for open-top utility vehicles, like the H3. It has a full-length, retractable cloth roof. Perfect for safaris!

Mazda_ryuga Mazda Ryuga
The Mazda Ryuga is simply an exercise in design concepts and isn’t expected to hit the showrooms. Too bad, because we like the look and the Delorian-style doors.


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