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December 15, 2006

The Car That Parks Itself…Made From LEGOs?

Lego You’ve heard of the Lexus that parks itself. It’s all the buzz right now. A car driving itself is a little creepy, but if it means you can avoid dings and the embarrassment of a sloppy parallel parking job, then shoot, sign us up!

Well, you can be your own engineer of one of these parking wonders, however the only thing small enough to ride in it is your kid’s hamster. It’s a little LEGO vehicle that looks like a cross between the Mars Rover and a Jeep Wrangler, but it can parallel park with the press of a button. It senses the items it needs to fit between and, much like it’s larger cousin, the Lexus, the on board computer tells it when to crank its wheels to fit.

Unlike the larger, leather-clad Lexus, this one uses the brakes and “gas” all on its own without a little help from its friends. Watch the cool video of the little sucker:

Of course, the things parks like a champ and given a command of “Go!” it scuttles right back onto the road…however of we pulled out of spots like this LEGO rover, we’d be smashing bumpers all over town!


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