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November 08, 2006

Ask Patty Supports the Motorsports: Living Life in Motion


During her recent trip to SEMA in Vegas, Jody DeVere, President of, Inc. met with the committee of the 
Motorsports: Life in Motion program to strengthen Ask Patty's support of the United Spinal Association. Jody joined the committee due to her passion for motorsports and in support of her son who suffered a spinal cord injury due to a car accident in 2005.

Dscn1861_2Devera Lynn Director of Marketing and Communications was on hand along with Jeff Bressler the News Director and Anchor for Motor Trend magazine's Motor Trend Radio, Steve "Wheels" Bucaro and SCCA female race car driver Carol Hollfelder for a photo shoot (the modified hand control capable Wrangler pictured below was designed and built by Steve "Wheels" Bucaro.)

Motorsports: Living Life in Motion Mission

Dscn1856The mission of United Spinal Association’s Motorsports program is to encourage people with disabilities, including individuals who use adaptive automotive equipment, to participate in competitive motorsports. It is also to cultivate partnerships within the motorsports industry in support of the program, thus raising awareness about spinal cord injuries and disorders.
Meet the United Spinal Motorsports Team

United Spinal has created a committee, enlisting the help of a diverse group of motorsports industry leaders and professionals who have partnered with us and believe in our mission of enabling people with spinal cord injuries and disorders to fulfill their potential as active members of their communities. The committee is responsible for coordinating events, identifying fundraising and networking opportunities, campaigning on behalf of United Spinal and its members, and developing specific program-oriented goals.

Go here to read more about the United Spinal Association and the committee members pictured.

Motorsports: Living Life in Motion

For more information on sponsorship opportunities contact:

Devera Lynn
Director of Marketing and Communications

United Spinal Association

Phone 718.803.3782 or 800.404.2898 ext. 237


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