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November 22, 2006

A Letter To The Family Pet on Thanksgiving

Dogsincars Don’t all dogs love taking trips to the store with us? They truly love the open window and the freedom. Of course, the worst part is being left in a car when their humans go into a store. Worse than that is being left at home altogether. Well Roxie The Dog gets an apology letter from her human in the spirit of Thanksgiving.

"Dear Roxie,

Upon my homecoming from the Supermarket today, as I walked through the door with a 20 pound turkey hanging from one hand and a 20 pound girl tucked under the opposite arm, I saw laid out before me the evidence of gratitude. I saw that pit bulls, too, can give thanks. It is in the wag of their hind quarters that shimmies out through their tails; it is in the incessant licking; and it is in the fabric of three sofas ripped open with love.

Dog_in_car2 This year, I know who it is that has taken over receipt of your doting energies. I see the bond form a tighter strangle-hold every day. You and The Baby. The Baby and you. She feeds you. You sniff her butt. She drops heavy objects on your back. You eat her socks. The two of you cannot get enough of each other.

I'm sorry I did not take you along for the ride to Price Chopper today, as I know how you feel about the separation. I just thought it was a little too cold out to leave you in the car, and supermarkets do not generally smile upon dogs in the turkey section. Perhaps I should enlist the practiced hand of a mental health professional to write the kind of doctor's note that would allow me to bring you with me, everywhere, in your capacity as my state-sanctioned 'emotional service pet'--kind of like a seeing-eye dog, only for crazies. Because that is where I'm headed, buddy. Your love is slowly driving me insane."

Pitbull_in_car Remember to give thanks for your pets on Thanksgiving! And take them out for a ride in the cool Fall air!


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