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September 28, 2006

The Dog Ate My Car Keys!

Breanne_2 By Breanne Boyle
My dogs will eat pretty much anything. My corgi Roxy (who made her first appearance here), is particularly devilish at this. She prefers to give me her opinion on my decorating sense by chewing off offending parts of furniture, bed linens and floor coverings. I’ve learned during these informative reviews that she can not stand tassels of any kind. This is right in line with my husband’s thinking so he just snickers at her behavior, meanwhile I am fuming at her: “How could you eat this?! That was NOT cheap!” But darn it, then she looks so adorably and convincingly bad about what she did that I dissolve into hugs and belly rubs within seconds. I’m soft and I know it.

My other dog, Rigby (also here as the doxie mix), is pretty much an angel when it comes to my furnishings. He likes to limit his diet to all things outdoors: my grass, my trumpet vines, my orchid plants, etc. At least those grow back. Tassels do not.
But what if—horror!—your dog eats your car keys?! It’s never happened to me personally but I bet if I asked some friends they would have stories to share. In Surrey, England, a woman knows what happens all too well. Her vehicle had an RFID chip that was attached to her key ring that had to be within a certain distance from the car’s RFID reader in order for the car to start. So, when she was trying to put her key in to start the engine, it did absolutely nothing.

Dogsincar Luckily a smart patrolman helped her out and they discovered the offending pooch had swallowed the needed RFID! Short of making her dog a permanent bobble-head figure on her dash (I can see it now: “I am sorry I ran that red light officer, but I can’t see past my life-size Great Dane bobble head.”), what could she do but, well wait for the chip to be well, passed? She was actually able to start her car when she moved the dog into the front seat, allowing the RFID to work properly. I think it was the dog’s plan the whole time. Now he gets a free ride up front for a few days!

Bees Just because it’s almost October and I think they are adorable, here are my two dogs in their Halloween costumes!

Do you have stories about your dogs eating your keys, your tires, your car upholstery (remember Turner and Hooch?) or anything else in your car? Send them our way! We’d love to post them on Ask Patty! Email me at


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