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September 23, 2006

Buying a Car in the Dark

DodgemagnumredLast November I decided to trade in my gas guzzling larger size SUV for a more economical vehicle. Now remember, I'm the President of the Women's Automotive Association International and a total car girl so I did all the right things to prepare for my venture to a dealership!

I researched online , I selected the vehicle I wanted , knew exactly the price I wanted to pay and the terms I was willing to do the deal for, I even called around to the local dealerships to find my vehicle in stock.

I hate spending 4 to 5 hours at a dealership getting a deal done so I arrived at the dealership on a slow Tuesday night around 8pm, announced to the salesman, " IF you can do the deal I want by 9 pm when you close, you have a sale!"

I was ready to buy NOW and wanted to leave at promptly 9pm with my new purchase.

After checking stock on their inventory, Mr Salesman told me the vehicle was across the street in a the overflow inventory warehouse and asked if I would go with him to take a look. sure,okay, he drove. When we arrived it was a dark warehouse with almost ZERO lighting! He and I wandered around in the dark looking for the vehicle for 10 minutes. Mr. Salesman mumbles something about the lights not working right. Wasn't he supposed to get it and bring it to me? What was this guy thinking bringing a woman to a dark warehouse?

Undaunted ...because once I WANT to buy...I just WANT to buy! When I go to the mall to buy a pair of shoes, I try them on, see if they are a good look and feel them just BUY them. I just wanted to buy the car , I have a very busy life and time is precious.

We finally found the car and I took it out for a test drive...he kept yammering on and on about the features while I was just trying to enjoy the feel of the car and the sound of the sound system. I already knew all the features, I did my homework, I knew what I wanted. He really just did not know when to shut up.... stop selling Mr. Salesman....you already know I am a buyer.

I loved the car .....Mr Salesman.... well he was just who I needed to get the paperwork done....so I filled out the credit application and gave him the keys to the SUV for them to check out for the trade in and waited for him to come back with the best deal. He offered coffee, I wandered around and looked at the showroom and for a magazine to read. He came back a couple of times to let me know it would be a few more minutes.

Tick tock, tick tock...the minutes passed. There was maybe one other customer on the lot that night, what were they doing back there. Tick tock...thirty minutes passed and finally he came back with a piece of paper with four boxes on it with some numbers, (the dreaded four-square), and deal #1.

It was 8:55 pm......

Part Two of this story next week...try to guess what happens..add your comments below.

Jody DeVere
Ask Patty

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I think that you got feed up and walked away. I also think that you got tired of the dog and pony show, and decided to shop elsewhere.

I can't wait to find out what happens...

This Mr Salesman sounds unbelievable! I can't believe he took you to a dark warehouse. What was he thinking?

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