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September 12, 2006

Ask Patty - Automotive Advice for Women Blog Carnival: Week Around the Auto World September 12th

Askpattylogotm1_12 September 12th, 2006 -- Our last Blog Carnival was such a success we wanted thank all who submitted articles last week and in keeping with that tradition, every Tuesday you will see the Ask Patty Blog Carnival here on our blog. A Blog Carnival is a compilation of like topic blog posts from all over the bloggersphere posted right here on Ask Patty for your reading and viewing pleasure. Buckle up and hold on!

Dv1474010_1 Renting a car can be a huge hassle. It can also be expensive with all the extra fees for insurance and protection. A tip from Ask Patty: Check with your own car insurance company before you buy rental insurance at the rental desk. It is often covered under your regular insurance and you could save tons by avoiding the high fees. Read the info on All Tips and Tricks for even more ideas.

Otto01 Ever heard of a talking car? Sure we think of our cars as more human than they really are, but they can't actually speak to us... or can they? Neato Coolville has some interesting tidbits about Otto the Talking Car. It seems Otto has a knack for dispensing safety tips to those who are nearby. Good boy Otto!

1002122w315 College is expensive in many ways. Books, tuition, lab fees, cars? Maybe Otto should talk to some of these college kids about their studies. It seems college-age students are paying more for their wheels than they are for their books! blogged about these cash wielding young adults.

231327878_357547771e_m With the high gas prices this past summer, your pocketbook could probably use a break.
We've all heard the typical pieces of advice: Make sure your tires are inflated, don't carry around extra weight in your car ("Sorry honey, you have to stay home this time."), and carpool. Well Buy an Auto blog has done some extra research for you and has tons of tips in their Car Buying Tips stories.

She_knows_logo Speaking of gas-price stress, has featured 44 Ways to Save Gas and there are some excellent tips in the article. You should bookmark this one.

Revacar The MINI entered the automotive scene in the U.S. to some lifted eyebrows and scoffs at its, well, "mini" size. Then the SMART cars hit the States just as people were accepting the tiny autos. Now you can't even get them without huge waiting lists! The Gadgets Page mentioned the Reva car company of India, which is joining the party with their adorable electric city car. If only we lived in Delhi!

Everyone has had car problems in their lifetime. Whether it's a simple flat tire or a complete overhaul, the vehicles we drive can sometimes make our days frustrating. In Kristen's So Called Life blog, she talks about her recent Car Woes and if that weren't enough, she has a Car Woes Part Deux. We hope Kristen's car troubles start getting better!

Bankrate_logo We mentioned above how to save money when renting a car, but what about when you actually lease or buy? Buying a new car can feel like walking through a field of land mines. With three major pits of profits for the dealership -- the new car price, the trade-in and the financing -- it's easy to walk right into a money trap. Bankrate  has a very good article about Favorite Tricks of the Car Dealer Trade. Definitely worth a read.

Ford_safetybelts Edmund's Driving Women blog has a fantastic story on Four-Point Seatbelts and their added safety benefits if manufactured. Ford has been doing testing and hopes to put these new seatbelts into production soon. Ford has to prove they are safe for pregnant women before consumers can truly believe in their safety.

When you get your car serviced you should always be sure you are going somewhere reputable, and that doesn't always mean a national chain. Make sure you know everything they service tech is going to do and don't be afraid to question their work if it seems to be less than honest.

Your car gets you to and from work, school, and activities. It tirelessly waits in traffic with you without a complaint. After all that, doesn't your car need a little TLC? Detailing is like a day at the spa, according to Newszap. Make sure to give back to that car or truck every once in a while.

Cigarettes_1 Most people know that smoking is bad for you. And a lot of states are creating bans on smoking in different spaces. In California you can't smoke inside any public building and in most public parks and areas it is prohibited as well. What about banning smoking in cars? It's your car you say? You should be able to do what you want? Well, what if there are children in the car with you? The Mercury News reported that the Senate is voting to ban smoking in cars carrying young children. What do you think?

Ann_stevens Is Ann Stevens of Ford making a Bold Move of her own? According to the Detroit News, Anne Stevens, the highest ranking woman in the automotive industry and a key member of Ford Motor Comapnys turnaround team, appears poised to leave the automaker, according to people familiar with the situation.

Is there a certain way that women shop? And for that matter is there a way that men shop? We know the sexes think very differntly about many things, including new/used car needs. Does that translate into the rest of the world? The American Spectator has a very funny article by Lawrence Henry on the topic.

Undercar We got a lot of comments on our story about Dipstick Fast Lube, the all-female service shop in South Carolina. Here's another service shop heading in the right direction as far as providing great service to women. According to Modern Car Care, the Spotless Express is unlike the typical carwash and lube center and you can tell by spread of magazines in the waiting room. Next to lube center mainstays like Men's Journal and Sports Illustrated are titles including InStyle, Creative Home and Lucky. I think there is a trend brewing...

Dv2051005_1 Who's really buying that car? Ask her. Brandweek's recent article on the buying power of women talked about what we have been hearing a lot of recently: Woman are making more and more of the car-buying decisions. Brandweek states, "No matter what marketers are selling, be it potato chips or computer chips, chances are it's women who are the ones deciding which to buy."

Landrover Laughing is definitely great medicine. Deep Thoughts Fuzzy Memories has the perfect post for you ladies. Ever feel "too old for a minivan, too young for a Cadillac, and too fat for a sports car"? You're not alone.

Pinkcaddy Speaking of Cadillacs... who hasn't seen the recognizeable pink Mary Kay Caddy driving around their city? Ever wonder just why Mary Kay started giving out pink Cadillacs? Learn the story on the MLM Business Opportunities blog.

Make sure you return next week for our next Blog Carnival! Be sure to catch our next carnival on September 19th! Go ahead! Submit an article... it will be fun!


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