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August 04, 2006

Ask Patty Around the Auto World

All I was joined by three of  the Ask Patty advisory panel of expert automotive women; Daytona Dayton,  Erica Sietsma and Deborah Renshaw and WAAI members Mary Wetzel , Vice President of Scholarships for the Women’s Automotive Association International, Susan Shafer, owner of Play Del Racing in Indianapolis for the Lyn St James “Women in the Winner’s Circle” luncheon August 3rd, 2006. This wonderful annual event created by Lyn and her vision to assist female race car drivers to get to the checkered flag, is a time and place each year to  recognize and honor female race car drivers, talk about diversity and this year hear from Anne Stevens, COO of Ford Motor Co share about what it took for her to break through the glass ceiling and reach her personal “checked flag” in the automotive industry.

Annejody Here my favorite quote from Anne Steven’s today, “ To rise to the occasion and sustain tenacity , we need to be durable; physically, emotionally and mentally.”

Congratulations to Melanie Troxel, NHRH drag racer, for receiving the THE USAC KARA HENDRICK SPIRIT AWARD durig the Lyn St James event.

Melanie Speaking of diversity, Verena Mei attended the Lyn St James event On April 9, 2002, Verena earned her NHRA Professional Competition Drag Racing License. On her seventh run in her life, she made her best elapsed-time running a 9.46 second mile at 143.81 mph in a Super Gas Firebird. This 9.46 seconds of her life, made her the Fastest Asian-American Woman in the World and the First Asian-American Woman to earn a NHRA Professional Drag Racing License.

Ipod2_080306 GM has announced the Personal Audio Link — my new PAL — a device that provides I-Pod users connectivity to their GM vehicle sound system. Converging I-Pod into GM vehicles is a smart move in my opinion. In my travels around the country I-Pods are as common as white t-shirt’s are as an apparel item. ( I am sitting on a plane next to a  heart surgeon and low and behold,  I-Pod in ear, he is happily listening to his favorite tunes). Last week in NYC Penn station I was surrounded by a sea of I-Pod addicts, ear phones swaying and dangling from every age, shape and type of ear as I rushed through the station to my first meeting. Each I-Pod user in his or her own world yet surrounded by the masses, it was an odd scene and I mentally remarked, “What are they all listening to?” GM has provided a solution to these happy I-Pod addicts to maintain their personal tune connectivity while driving their vehicles.  Great idea!

Go here for more info:GM and I-Pod

Check out the GM video car reviews from women attending BlogHer06:
Click here to view the video


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