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July 28, 2006

Who is Ask Patty?

Patty is a Mom, Daughter, Wife, Niece, Grandmother and Auntie, Patty is young, old, married, single, an experienced driver, a new driver, a race car driver , a hot rod driver, a classic car driver, a mini van driver, a truck drver, a luxury car driver, a SUV driver, a disabled  driver, a carpool driver, a stay at home Mom, a female excutive, is gay , straight and comes on all the sizes, shapes and colors of the rainbow...Patty is YOU, ME and US : Women Consumers.  Patty influences 80% of all vehicles purchased in the US and buys aproximately 50% of all new and used cars and 40% of all trucks sold in the US.

Patty holds the 'car keys' to significant and considerable revenue generating muscle power at new and used car dealerships in the US, to say the least. The stakes are high for those car and truck dealerships, who can attract, sell, retain and keep 'Patty" loyal to to their products, services and  brands.

Patty is smart, strong and confident. Patty knows she has tremendous purchasing power and understands how valuable her checkbook is to a salesperson. Patty wants respect for spending her hard earned dollars on vehicle purchases, maintenance and repairs. Patty wants to be looked in the eye and told the truth. Patty wants to be in control of the buying process and not be manipulated or lied to. Patty does not want to be a lead, a sales process or a four square. Patty wants a relationship built on trust with car dealerships.

Patty wants ALL the information before she buys and given, without pressure tactics, whatever time it takes to make the best buying decision for her. Patty wants the best deal on her car or truck without the 'four hour' buying drama. Patty's time is valuable and demands consideration. Patty wants to shop where she feels comfortable and safe..... safe enough not to need a man to go with her. Patty wants to buy what fits her lifestyle and budget.

Patty wants to look forward to and enjoy her vehicle shopping and purchasing experience.

Patty wants her brand loyalty rewarded.

Ask Patty invites all women to share your stories, books, ancedotes ( good, bad, funny or sad), ask questions, offer answers, information and news for the benefit of all consumer women. The Ask Patty advisory panel of expert automotive women are here to help as well!  Let us all become more educated, informed, confident, car savvy and empowered consumer women by our collective experience!

Jody DeVere
Ask Patty



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