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October 26, 2006

Women Know What They Want!

Askpattylogotm1_39 By Ask Patty Staff
Women typically know what they want, and that doesn’t stop short when it comes to automotive parts and service purchases. Aftermarket Business did their first annual Female Customer Report and got answers from 2,400 women about how they handle light and heavy maintenance of their car or truck.

Exhausts According to their report, “some female consumers handled light maintenance, like windshield wiper replacement and the use of tire inflation products, themselves, while others left more complicated projects, like brake and exhaust system replacement, to an expert, friend or family member.”

Most people tend to think that the cleanliness ranks up there as a priority when it comes to the deciding factors in choosing a repair shop or parts store. That wasn’t the case, it turns out. Most women would forgo the “eat off the floor” status as long as they were treated well and the store’s reputation and prices were in line with what that women consumer expected.

Shop Another interesting fact that came from the study done by Aftermarket Business is, “more than half of female DIYers say they’d shop for automotive parts and accessories more often if the counter person were more helpful, but only 31 percent say they’d shop more often if a facility offered how-to clinics.”

And this is no surprise, but most women (75%) will typically shop at the same store for parts. So listen up repair shops and part stores: Treat your women well, deliver great service and reasonable prices and you will have a customer for life! Plus, she may just recommend you to her friends!

You should always take your car to get serviced by an ASE-certified technician. To find out more about what it means to be certified by ASE, click here.


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