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October 17, 2006

What Are You Driving?

Askpattylogotm1_36What do you drive? Do you cruise around in a convertible or an SUV? Maybe you prefer a little two-seater roadster (We know Jody drools over that Saturn Skye!). Or maybe you have to be more practical about things and drive a comfy wagon or hatchback (you can cram a lot of stuff in those hatches! Just ask Breanne!) We wanted to ask our Ask Patty expert panelists what they drive around every day. After all, they are giving you advice on your cars, so why not see what they decided to purchase?

Audis6 "I drive a few vehicles.  My daily driver is a 2007 Audi S6, because it’s sporty, different and has all wheel drive, great brakes and the room for the family and storage for the activities we participate in.  For year round use this fits my needs and wants."
Lauren Fix
The Car Coach® / Car Smarts®

Toyota_pickup "I drive a 1988 Toyota 4WD Pickup Truck. When I bought it new in 1988 I was looking for something that was dependable and would last a long time. I can't say that I've been disappointed! Many people think it's only about 6 years old. It has 258,000 miles on it and I still drive it to Michigan to visit my parents once a year, which is about an 11-hour drive.
Even though my father and grandfather worked for GM, I never found those vehicles to be as reliable as Toyota and Honda."
Lori Johnson
Ladies, Start Your Engines! LLC

Audia4 "I drive a 2006 Audi A4 2.0 Turbo.  It's a sturdy vehicle, handles well, and looks awesome."
Bernice Sanders

Navigator "I have two cars...I drive a 2006 Lincoln Navigator because I need the room for my kids and all their friends/stuff for around town.  Also, I had a commuter vehicle that I just turned in which was a Volkswagen Turbo Bug. I am currently looking for a replacement which might end up being a Lexus IS or another Bug....wait and see."
Holly Stahl
Automotive CPA

Acruarl "I drive an Acura RL.  I have driven a Honda for some time and have always enjoyed the subtle comforts and the reliability of the vehicle.  The Acura has performed well, looks good and has had few problems."
Kathy Gilbert
ADP Automotive Division

Hummerh3_1 "I drive an ‘06 Hummer H3.  The reason? Honestly, it was purchased to belong to my husband but since I do most of the driving around town I am the one driving the H3 because it is a marketing tool since it is big and obvious, therefore we have embellished it with our company logo, website, and phone number.
98ml320 My husband is technically driving ‘my’ car.  After breaking down in the middle of a major street while pregnant and my husband being out of state, he came home a few days later and surprised me with a new car (well new to me!).  It is a ‘98 Mercedes ML320.  It was bought equipped with the Mercedes infant seat since I was expecting our son a few months later. 
To be honest, I really like driving the H3 better.  It is incredibly smooth, quiet, and can turn on a dime.  In the ML320, turning is a disaster compared to the H3.  No matter which car I am driving I am not anonymous since our company information is on both vehicles.  On a positive note, I surely miss the gas mileage I get when driving the ML320!"
Kim Walker
Peak Automotive

Rsx "I drive an Acura RSX-S. She's a great car. She is a six-speed manual, which I love, and she is bright blue! Despite having only two doors and looking dinky, I can stuff all kinds of things in there. Only about two weeks after we bought her, we hauled a new 37" TV (in the box) to our apartment and it handled it fine!"
Breanne Boyle
Ask Patty

Magnum "I have a Dodge Magnum that I bought because to accomodate my disabled son ( the eight position seats are great for transfers) , his wheelchair and it is just low enough for my dogs to get in and out easily, with plenty of room for everyone. It also has great gas milelage and looks great!
Harley I also drive a Harley FLHTCI Electra Glide Classic. Classy comfort and great storage for long distance multi -day trips!"
Jody DeVere
Ask Patty

What do you drive? Tell us all about your car in our comments or enter our car story contest here!


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