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October 07, 2006

Prevent Your Dog From Getting Car Sickness

Breanne_4 By Breanne Boyle
Okay, I bet you all thought there couldn’t possibly be another dog-car topic to blog about! But there is! Let me start again by telling you a little story about my main pooch, Rigby (he’s that cute guy with one ear up in the photo). He has a sensitive stomach because he’s nervous all the time. He was a rescue and we think it came from his baggage associated with being on the streets for so long in his childhood. He is a reformed hoodlum, you could say. Anyway, he throws up often. It’s gross, I know. But here’s the zinger: he has thrown up in my car—twice.

Dscn1169_1 First time: He came into work with me and had a great day. On our way home, and right when I parked at our apartment, he decided to toss his dog cookies all over my driver’s seat. Dude. I have perforated leather seats. For those of you unfamiliar there are pros and cons to this. I can wipe liquids right off the leather (unlike cloth), however, not before it drains through those little sporty holes and into the bowels of the seat. As a tip, toothpicks don’t work to clean them like you think they might. So I paid $65 to have the leather cleaned really well at a detail shop.

Dogsincars_1 Second time: We were driving up to my parents’ house (they refer to Rigby as their “grand dog”). As if to balance out the scales, he emptied his tummy onto my passenger seat. Dude! And I was going about 75 on the freeway in the fast lane. I pulled a rather unsafe maneuver to the nearest exit so I could clean it before it all drained into those darned sporty holes. It was to no avail. And the poor little guy looked so miserable… he was trying not to touch it. Well my little Acura got a second $65 leather cleaning. It looks great now!

Traveling_1 So what is the moral of this story? I wanted to reach out to other pet parents to tell you about a great little site called Small Dog Paradise that did a recent post called “10 Tips to Help your Dog Cruise Away Car Sickness”. If only I had read this years ago! She tells you all about what NOT to do before taking a trip with your pup, including practicing mini trips, not feeding the dog before the ride, rewarding good trips, and driving gently. We all want to protect our interior and we hate to see our family pets in distress. Read the rest of the tips on Small Dog Paradise and drive in harmony with your pets!


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