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July 30, 2006

Cars,Cars everywhere at BlogHer06!!

Prix_1 Between the GM test drives for the attendees at BlogHer06 and the sounds of the Canary Foundation Grand Prix of San Jose taking place near our hotel I felt right in my automotive element at BlogHer06. Ask Patty was even mentioned in a front page article in the San Jose Mercury News ( Elisha I owe you big time) with references to the racing atmosphere !
Check out the article by clicking here

General Motors and Cynthia Price who is head of the women's initiative at GM, get my major personal Kudo's for their sponsorship of BlogHer06. GM really knows how to treat a lady! I just opened the bag of goodies they handed me after my test drive of the BEAUTIFUL Saturn Sky Sky and all I can say is GM is a class act with women ! Thanks GM and Saturn for all the nifty gifties! I MUST have that BEAUTIFUL Sky as my next car purchase....mmmmmmmmmmmmmm just might need to wait for the Redline edition in the fall. MSRP $25, 194!

The BlogHer06 Unpanel did a business case study on Ask Patty Saturday was hosted by my good friends and 'marketing to women' guru's, Susan Getgood ( Marketing Roadmaps Blog) , Yvonne Divita  ( LipSticking Blog), Toby Bloomberg ( Diva Marketing Blog). Thank you for including me and Ask Patty, I enjoyed the entire session! BlogHer06 Unpanel

From one experienced major event planner to another I thought the relaxed atmosphere was refreshing and was more like a retreat than a convention. I felt no pressure to stick to a tight schedule and having worked 14 days straight with little sleep, getting ready for yet another Ask Patty development launch, I felt no guilt taking and afternoon nap on Saturday so I would be fresh for the evenings festivities! A big warm thank you and Kudo's to the three lovely leaders of BlogHer06 for providing such a rich experience for me:


BlogHer is run jointly by three co-founders: Left to right, Jory Des Jardins, Elisa Camahort, and Lisa Stone.

The final event was a panel discussion and Q and A session with Arianna Huffington, Caroline Little, Meg Hourihan and Mena Trott President and Co-Founder of Six Apart who all spoke eloquently on the  "state of the union" of women bloggers.

( A special thank you Mena Trott and TypePad for featuring Ask Patty on July 15th -16, 2006. I wanted to thank you personally Mena, but you were swarmed after you spoke and I could not get to you).

BlogHero6 personal notes:

I am self proclaimed real woman rather than a feminist woman, so the ragged edged feminist comments were rather thick at times for my taste at BlogHer06. Perhaps the location being so close to UC Berkley, the capital of feminism in California, had considerable influence on the mix. As a young single mother in 1979, with three children ages 2, 4 and 6 to support 100%, I chose the higher paying jobs in male dominated industries to survive financially. I have never felt I needed to take a feministic stance or join the NOW to be respected as a women, I was too busy trying to survive to and had no time to join in politicalluy rallies or debates on gender issues. My results both personally and professionally brought respect automatically career wise and as a single mother  as my children are now 30, 32 and 34 and are all wonderful loving contributing human beings. This 'earned respect' enabled many opportunities for me to contribute to male dominated businesses as a President, Vice President and at Director levels without beating any feministic drum. I guess I focused so hard on the results I forgot to watch what the men were doing or not doing to prevent me (a woman) from succeeding, afterall I HAD to succeed as my entire driving force and focus was providing for my children. I do however have a terrifying Mother Bear complex so if you Touch My Kids or threaten their survival I will rear up on YOU, bare my teeth, claws and chase you up the nearest tree, male or female! I owe my personal success based on FOCUS and DRIVE, not feminism. Perhaps this is the reason many men allowed me to enter the inner-sanctum above the glass ceiling of the business world , as we had a simple common bond, goal and priority: providing for our families.

I thank all those feministic activists for going to all the rallies, debates and lobbing for me as I love and admire women from all walks of life as I have walked many paths in my own life and certainly understand what all the feministic fuss is about. I am a Mom, Sister, Auntie, Grandmother, career woman, professional, caregiver, lover, tree reef and river hugger. been single, married, divorced, widowed, have belong to many women's professional organizations and do considerable charity work to support women and do understand women's challenges. I guess as I have aged ( sigh) my view is more balanced because it is derived from hard earned personal experience rather than pure political passion. I cannot alienate men or for that matter anyone that challenges women's rights or initiatives as I need these challenges to "sharpen my sword" and make me more worthy to go after and claim my personal vision and continue to lead by example or as NIKE put its. Just Do it!

My favorite quote of BlogHer06:

"Fearlessness is not absence of fear. Fearlessness is not letting fear stop us." - Arianna Huffington

All we are saying is just keep bloggin' on...all we are saying is just keep bloggin' on...........

Jody DeVere
Ask Patty



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