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June 02, 2006



Expert Automotive Advice

For Women From Women

Who is Ask Patty??????????

About Ask Patty:

Women purchase half of the vehicles sold in the United States each year, spending over $80 billion. Yet, shopping for and buying a car can be a challenge for women who are first time car buyers or for women who had a bad experience in the past with a car salesman or dealership.

The “Ask Patty” blog is a safe place for women to get advice on car purchases, maintenance and other automotive related topics. Women can ask Patty for automotive advice on the Ask Patty blog, Patty will typically reply back to you the same day. Selected questions and answers will be answered by the panel of automotive women experts for the benefit of all women.

Who are these newly hatched automotive expert blogging chicks?

Deborah Renshaw - Highest Ranking female NASCAR professional race car driver and daughter of Dan Renshaw, owner of Renshaw Automotive Dealer Group, worked for the National Automobile Dealer Association and the Richard Petty NASCAR Driving Experience.

Sandra Wingate - President of the only woman owned certified automotive service advisor training school in the US Need a good "high paying" career? Become a service advisor!

Heather Becklin - Student Body President of the Northwood University, Midland MI. Campus 2006 Graduating class , did her internship at Sonic Automotive, the 2nd largest new car franchised dealer group in the country ( 160 + dealerships), and is owned by NASCAR legend Bruton Smith. Heather is President of the Women's Automotive Association International Northwood women student memberships and starts her new job at Ford Motor Co. in August 2006

Debbie Lee -- Started in the car business at 16 and by the age of started Professional Car Care - She washes 5000 + vehicles a month ( that's a heck of alot of bubbles ladies!) Debbie is an expert in car care and car care products.

Karen Payton - VP of On Wheels, Inc., publisher of the premier diversity online and print publications for minorities; African Americans OnWheels, Hispanic Americans OnWheels, Asian Americans OnWheels.

Gayle Clark - Owner of Motor City Sales and Service.....Gayle hold hands on classes for women to learn how to do their own car maintenance and minor repairs, she is our "fem-da-la-car-fixer"!!

Daytona - First women to be a pit crew member on a sanctioned NASCAR race team...ASC certified technician, entertainer and car savvy woman extraordinaire...Daytona is the host of her own live radio show: Daytona-N-Friends

Dr Karen Salvaggio - Is there a doctor in the Ask Patty Hen House???????? YES ! Dr. Fem Automotive, race car driver, educator and editor evangelist for women racers seeking corporate sponsorship, which is a tough road to hoe for female race car drivers trying to get to the top of their respective racing series.  Check her site out:

Kim Tinkham - Owner and Editor of Tink Ink Publications, Kim is writing a new book on women's car buying experiences and has much to share on the do's and don't when visiting car dealerships. Kim needs your help on her research ...take the Well Wheeled car buying experience survey here:

Glenda Gill - With 20 years under her proverbial "skirt" working on diversity programs at General Motors....Glenda recently accepted a new position and relocated to the Los Angeles area to work for Jessie Jackson at , as the Executive Director of diversity/minority based Automotive initiatives.

The RainbowPUSH Coalition is a progressive organization fighting for social change. As a mighty coalition of conscience; workers, women and people of color have the power to make the American Dream a Reality!


Go to Ask Patty and post your Car Questions , Stories and Comments!

Link to Ask Patty

Still laying eggs so please "blog in' once in a while to meet the new automotive expert  Ask Patty bloggin' chicks hatching soon..............

Jody DeVere

Mother Hen
Ask Patty
Women's Automotive
Association International


WAAI Mission Statement:

The Women's Automotive Association International is the automotive industry's

premier professional organization, established in 1995, to:

· recognize the achievements of women in the industry;

· provide educational e-news to automotive career-focused individuals;

· build relationships through networking and other interactive forums; and

· encourage growth through mentoring, educational endeavors, and scholarships.

The focus of the Association is on the development and retention of women leaders and the education and support of all persons, without prejudice, who have an interest in the automotive industry.


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