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September 29, 2016

Answering Your Questions About the Volkswagen TDI Settlement

FAQWhat are my options?

If you own a TDI Volkswagen or Audi car, we want to help you understand your options about the proposed settlement. 

Here, we answer some of your most frequently asked questions.

Is my TDI vehicle eligible?

According to the Official Information Website  about the settlement, current and former owners or lessees of the following 2.0-liter TDI vehicles can participate in the settlement:

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How to File a Volkswagen TDI Settlement Claim

How_toBuybacks will be scheduled in the order they are reviewed and approved, so get your claim in quickly.

If you’re ready to file a claim and participate in the vehicle buyback or modification programs, we’ve broken down the process into three simple steps.

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What Car Should I Buy to Replace my TDI?

Recommended_cars_to_replace_your_TDIIf you're in the market to replace your vehicle, you may like some of these popular cars for TDI owners.

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September 28, 2016

Should You Buy Your Leased Car?

IStock_89544797_SMALLOne of the advantages of leasing is the opportunity to drive more car than you afford to buy. You can get more car for less money with a lease because you only pay for what you use during the lease term.

Let's say you lease a $50,000 car over a period of three years. The terms of the lease say if the car is driven 36,000 miles or less (the mileage cap) and maintained in a certain condition, the car will be worth $20,000 (the residual value) at the end of the lease. Thus, the total of your payments come to $30,000. You get to drive a $50,000 car for three years, for only $30,000.

And, if you'd like, you can buy the car at the end of the lease term. Which begs the question: Should you buy your leased car when the lease ends? Well, it depends.

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Valvoline Raises Awareness of Breast Cancer with Pink-Out Day On October 1!

Once again, Valvoline Instant Oil Change (VIOC) will be promoting its annual PINK Wiper fundraising campaign during the month of October. Support Valvoline's effort by getting your AutoTex PINK wiper blades this October at any participating Valvoline Instant Oil Change location.

AutoTex PINK donates a portion of the proceeds from each sale to National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc.®; to get the promotion off to a great start, Valvoline Instant Oil Change will kick off the campaign with a Pink-Out day on Saturday, October 1st and will double donations for all purchases made that day.

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September 27, 2016

Safe Driving Tops List of Concerns for Parents of Teens

Teen_driver_safety-distracted_driving-iStock_000087311727-fizkesChevrolet recently commissioned a Harris Poll of parents with teenagers from 13 to 17 years old to find out how seriously they are concerned about their teens' driving. According to the survey, parents with teens worry more about their child driving (55 percent) than any other area of parental stress, including drugs and alcohol (52 percent), sexual activity (49 percent), and academic performance (53 percent).

It doesn't take a Harris Poll to know that parents always want their kids to be as safe as possible, so Chevrolet offers Teen Driver Technology on 10 of its 2017-model-year cars, trucks, and SUVs to help encourage safe driving practices. Teen Driver is a non-subscription-based service currently available on the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV, Camaro, Colorado, Cruze, Malibu, Silverado, Silverado HD, Suburban, Tahoe, and Volt.

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Explore Life with Chevrolet's New GPS = Global Positivity System

Chevrolet_Global_Positivity_ScoreLet's hear it for the power of positive thinking! If you're one of those who believes that you can improve the world around you with a few kind words, then you should hurry over to the Chevrolet Global Positivity System to evaluate the positivity you bring to your friends, family, and greater community through your social media presence.

Chevrolet believes the path to finding new roads in your everyday life starts with a positive attitude, so, with September’s “International Day of Positive Thinking” in mind, Chevrolet enlisted the cognitive capabilities of IBM’s Watson platform to develop the Chevrolet Global Positivity System. This mobile and desktop website evaluates users’ Facebook and Twitter presence to measure their positive impact; you can determine your own positivity score at

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September 26, 2016

#BackToSchool #SafetyTips: Prepare for a Flat Tire!


Even if you have a roadside assistance program, be sure to have your teen driver practice changing a tire, so she will be prepared in case of emergency.

A recent survey found that nearly three-quarters (73 percent) of drivers on the road today have experienced a flat tire, and the majority of Americans (68 percent) indicated that changing a tire on the side of a busy road is the biggest safety hazard of a flat tire. Make sure your student isn’t one of them!

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